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Hosting a Server

Binaries for the server software are available in its Github repository, as well as build, install and run instructions. Since clicking is so exhausting, we’ve put the instructions here as well.

Build & Install

First, install the Rust toolchain if you haven’t already. Run the command below and follow the directions presented to you

curl -sSf | sh

Once you’ve installed Rust, clone this repository

git clone

Move into the repository and compile the code

cd cobweb-server
cargo build --release

Once you’ve done this, you can run Cobweb as such:

target/release/cobweb-server -p password

You must provide a password via the “-p” flag.

Alternatively, you can move the binary into your $PATH and run it without a directory prefix:

mv target/release/cobweb-server /usr/local/bin/cobweb-server
cobweb-server -p password